IBM Cloud Application ToolsBETA

For developers interested in creating Node, Java, and Swift applications that span both client and server-side code, IBM Cloud Application Tools simplifies the management and deployment of server-side assets.

macOS 10.11 or higher required to run this application. Optimal with Xcode 8 or later.

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Now supporting Java and Node, as well as Swift! You can learn more here.

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Integrating with your development process

IBM Cloud Application Tools helps improve productivity by complementing a developer's environment.

Easily deploy and manage the status of your IBM Cloud runtimes.

Developers can extend their mobile apps and connect them to IBM Bluemix with a local development environment. Now, every developer can more easily begin to deploy cloud services.

Code in Swift on the server with a Kitura buildpack.

Kitura enables both mobile front-end and back-end portions of an application to be written in the same language.

Create projects to organize and link your client side and server side code.

This helps simplify how projects are managed and transformed. This initial release includes a sample app to get started, illustrating the use of core packages popular with IBM Bluemix developers.

Monitor the status of your projects from a single dashboard.

IBM Cloud Application Tools helps improve productivity by complementing a developer's familiar environment. For projects deployed to IBM Bluemix, the tool assists developers with:
  • Code generation and provisioning to pre-tested Kitura runtimes
  • Unified management of credentials
  • Centralized control and monitoring of assets deployed on the cloud
  • Local notifications of remote actions

View projects to manage your client side and server side code together.

Add your client side code to a project to link it to cloud services. Projects can contain multiple client side apps and services to fit the complexity your project demands.

Get started with the BluePic sample project

You can start with BluePic, an easy sample iOS project, to learn how to setup client side and server side code through IBM Cloud Application Tools.

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IBM Cloud Application ToolsBETA

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macOS 10.11 or higher required to run this application